About Village Synagogue

Surrounded by the pulsating Grove, Melrose and WeHo areas, and centered in the heart of Fairfax Village, Village Synagogue was born with the vision to cultivate a dynamic, vibrant Jewish community. 

Through progressive educational experiences, and vast social and spiritual opportunities, everyone has a place to learn, connect and engage.


Village Synagogue aims to bring people together and create unique opportunities that connect them to our identity and roots. 



Cultivating a strong, vibrant Jewish community is at the heart of our mission. We dream to create a meeting place where every Jew regardless of age or background can feel at home.


Our giving initiatives enable and empower our community to give back to the less fortunate in a warm and spirited environment. Our partnerships ensure that our kindness has an immediate impact. 



Providing spiritual growth and Judaism that is relevant, meaningful, and alive is one of our core values. We offer leading-edge educational experiences that include group study sessions, one-on-one classes, and tailored learning opportunities. 


noun |  vil·lag·er |\ˈvi-li-jər\

[def:] part of the Village Hebrew & Village Synagogue family