Below is the fee schedule for the Yearly Bat Mitzvah Academy.

Classes trips, and Ceremony Social Hall Fee is due at the beginning of the year. Fees can be divided in up to 6 payments.

Classes, Trips, Challah Bake Fee -$350

Bat Mitzvah Ceremony Social Hall Fee -$300

Pay Now!

Shabbat Dinner

Adult -$25

Child- $15

Under 3 - Free

Donation opportunities available

Bat Mitzvah Ceremony

A beautiful ceremony at the Village Synagogue Social Hall culminates the year of learning where each Bat Mitzvah girl and family is celebrated. The program consists of: a speech given by each Bat Mitzvah girl, presentation to each Bat Mitzvah girl by Village Synagogue, a video showcasing each bat mitzvah girl, a candle lighting ceremony where each family gives a blessing to their daughter. Additionally, there will be a gallery display of the yearly Bat Mitzvah journey, or of each girl’s chosen Mitzvah project. The program concludes with a classy brunch, l’chaim, photo booth, airbrushing, joy and celebration.

Each family of the Bat Mitzvah Girl contributes to the Ceremony. The breakdown of payments will be emailed to each family with the annual calendar.