Sunday November 5

Sunday November 18

Friday December 14

Sunday December 16

Sunday January 27

Sunday February 10

Sunday March 3

Sunday March 24

Sunday April 14

Sunday May 19


Class I

Class II

Shabbat Dinner

Class III

Class IV

Class V

Class VI

Class VII

Class VIII

End of year Brunch


Start of Bar Mitzvah Academy

Bar Mitzvah/Adulthood-what does mean?

Mitzvot of Bar Mitzvah
Tefillin - visit by sofer, learn how to put on Tefillin with Rabbi Zalmy.

Tallit / Kippah+ tzitzit / Class with Dads

An unforgettable Family Gathering

Torah + Aliyah+ Exploring the synagogue

Ahavat Yisrael - Giving

Giving Kitchen - Cook-off and delivering food.

Kosher Hunt + Dining at Kosher Restaurant

Jewish Leadership -

Moses, Abraham, Or Sasson,

Steve Pillemer - Your Shot

Holocaust Museum

Healthy Body and Healthy Soul

Brunch with Families